Sacred Earth 22nd May 2015

We are delighted to be presenting…
Sacred Earth in Concert
Friday 22nd May 2015
Tallebudgera Valley Community Hall
Dinner from 6pm. Doors open at 7pm. Concert C.30pm

Sacred Earth Gold Coast 2015

Tickets $30 + booking fee in advance through EventBrite

200 limited tickets only, so book early as their concerts often sell out (if available there may be tickets available at the door for $40)

For the last 12 years Sacred Earth have been touring the world sharing uplifting, expansive music from the heart. Ancient Mantra’s, soaring flutes, beautiful soothing melodies & harmonies that transport you to a state of deep, peaceful bliss. To share music that touches the heart of the listener in the deepest place and offer a space in which we can all listen deeply to the wisdom of our hearts and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth.

Jethro plays an array of instruments including, Indian Bansuri (bamboo flute), Japanese Shakuhatchi (Flute), Irish tin and low whistles, Native American Flute, Acoustic Guitar, percussion & occasionally we get to hear his beautiful soulful voice.​

Before becoming full time with music, Jethro studied Chinese Massage Therapy – Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts & Shiatsu. In the year 2000 Jethro sat his first 10-day silent Meditation retreat. It was on this course that Jethro had his first profound experience of deep peace within.

The natural course of events was the inspiration to share his experience with others. Shortly after he was introduced to Bamboo flutes from India (Bansuri) and Japan (Shakohatchi). Jethro felt an immediate connection to the flutes and within 6 weeks of playing the flutes Jethro was performing and touring in a group called “Spirit Dance” traveling around Australia.

In 2001 Jethro & Prem studied to be Yoga teachers. At the end of Yoga teacher training course Jethro and his wife Prem began to create music that incorporated their experience in the study of yoga, meditation, natural healing. Their love of the earth and their diverse experience of instruments from around the world & in the process giving birth to the creation ”Sacred Earth Music”.​

Prem entered the music industry, 15 years ago, almost by mistake. She had spent many years in the festival/folk scene with drum and guitar in hand, having a ball but lacking inner contentment. One day while alone at home she started to sing, she had never heard anything like what was coming through her voice.​

Prem decided to discard words, she felt “they just got in the way” and sang only her feelings, which no words she knew in the English language, could express. What resulted was a deep, potent connection to her own inner emotion and connection to the precious mother earth. “When I sang It was as though I stepped out of the way and allowed whatever wanted to be expressed though me to come out”.

Prem was introduced to mantra (devotional singing) and found that she could express the multitude of human emotions that she felt in her heart through ancient languages such as Hebrew & Sanskrit. She now blends these ancient languages with the language of her own heart. The result is the beautiful music we hear today.

When Prem sings the resonance reaches deep into the listeners heart and is common place for the listener to be reduced to tears or connected to a deep stillness within. She is also the main writer for Sacred Earth, songs just seem to come from the ether. “I can feel when a song is around me and I have to sit with an instrument, close my eyes, & the song comes like the flow of a river”, then Jethro will come & play beautiful flute that transports me to a special place in the world. Each song is very unique and has the power to connect the listener to their own hearts knowing and the universal well of inner peace.” Prem also plays keyboards, guitar & harmonium.

“We travel the world and play this music with the intent to connect people to their own inner peace & knowing. We seek to empower the listener by providing a sacred space in which they can deeply connect to their own heart & cultivate a deeper respect for themselves & our beautiful mother earth.”

“Peace on earth must begin inside each and every individual.”​

Tickets $30 + booking fee in advance through EventBrite

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