Burleigh Beats

The drum is the first language of the heart. Drumming brings a tremendous joy and sense of deep connection and oneness.

You can watch a brief 3min doco of “Burleigh Beat” here   https://vimeo.com/46006087 

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On 19th August 2001, Ken Jacob and a few friends got together on Burleigh Heads beachfront to drum together for some fun. Initially it was for their own pleasure to play in a peaceful setting close to nature but almost straight away people stopped to listen and wanted to join in or know what was happening. “People are just drawn to it, it brings people together” says Ken.

Today “Burleigh Beat” is a spontaneous gathering of hundreds of people of all ages and from all walks of life who gather to drum and dance, fire twirl or simply soak up the great atmosphere. People are welcome to bring along and play whatever they like from African djembe drums, percussion instruments of all types, didgeridoos or just clap your hands and tap your feet.

Ken said the primal sound of drums is believed to transport us back to the first sound we ever hear, which is our mother’s heartbeat. “There has been a lot of research done into the healing benefits of the drum and it has shown to reduce stress, is therapeutic and can take people to an alpha state of relaxation because it is not only the sound but the vibration that resonates within. It is bringing people of all ages and nationalities together, out of the house, away from the television – to experience a sense of togetherness which is so lost in today’s busy society. Families are interacting and feeling the special atmosphere down here, it’s a real community gathering”

The gathering happens every Sunday night in Justins Park on The Esplanade at beautiful Burleigh Heads beach on Australia’s Gold Coast. People gather before dusk through till 8.30pm (the council permit time) to share their love of tribal drumming and percussive dance rhythms.

In 2002 a special CD was recorded “LIVE” at Burleigh Beat with the proceeds to go to Ken Jacob to thank him for all the effort he had put into starting this gathering and keeping it going with all the problems and objections that he had faced in getting a permit to keep this wonderful family gathering going. This “LIVE” recording captured the essence of some of those magical nights during 2002. From gently flowing meditative rhythms to adrenalin pumping frenzied crescendos this music has your heart and body moving to the infectious beat.

CD Reviews

“It is unique, raw, energetic and fun. It starts you tapping your toes and the energy vibrates through you until your heart is beating

faster, your whole body is dancing and your soul is uplifted….” Tiffany Street.

“…a wonderful collection of tribal drumming grooves to get your feet stomping and spirit soaring…a little bit of magic caught permanently on

CD for all to enjoy again and again…….great for just putting on and dancing around one’s lounge room!” Arianne Cross.

“I love it, my 4 year old daughter loves it. It touches my heart and soul because I feel a deep connection to the ambience of the spirit and

music and the people.” Vanessa Star

“…the souls of the drummers and dancers can all be felt in this combination of earthy vibrant and exciting tribal rhythms. It is fast,

energised, tight and exhilarating with each track giving the listener the feeling of being there and experiencing the vibe…a must-have to any

connoisseur of African tribal rhythms…” Bob Greaves

“This CD picks me up when I’m down, it’s heart-warming, blood-pumping, and stress-relieving. It’s in my top 5!” Tania Dunk

“The fact that it’s a live recording makes one feel it’s real-ness. It’s exciting to listen to and creates a yearning in my body to be there

in person. If I let my mind go I actually am there. I love hearing all the laughs, howls and screams. The last track is awesome – it had

me dancing so wildly and yahoo-ing – it stirred up my passion for rhythm so much my body almost couldn’t keep up!!” Amanda Simpson

“100% organic, 100% orgasmic!” Alan Mourad

“Lively and invigorating” Ashok Bright

“It’s great. I find that I am playing it all the time. It has a happy tempo, so full of life and fun.” Linda Thompson

“Magical, mystical and has the ability to transport you out of this world and into other realms and dimensions.” Karen Christie

“Full sounding rhythms that entice both mind and body to MOVE!” Fiona Sorensen

The CD has 4 tracks:
1. How are you? 13:08
2. Joy and Laughter 6:28
3. Thunder under the rotunda 4:41
4. Life’s journey – Pump it up! 34:24

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Ken wishes to thank: Suzanne (for her inspiration), Matt & Jason (Threeworlds), Andrea, Paul (recording), Rob (graphics), all the magical muso’s who made this possible, the Burleigh Heads Council for use of the park to play each Sunday, the Burleigh business owners for their support, all the delightful dancers and fancy fire twirlers and the hordes of spectators who are part of this celebration of life!

Love and happy vibes to you all,
Ken Jacob

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